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The Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform

The Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform (NADP) facilitates the collaboration between public and private organisations, to enhance the development of new antibiotics and alternative therapies for infectious diseases in humans and animals.

NADP will identify relevant research groups, institutes and companies involved in chemical, biological, and/or biomedical antibiotic research to forge collaborations through targeted connections and will organise regular meetings with interested parties.

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NADP Vouchers

An important objective of NADP is to increase R&D productivity related to new antibiotics and alternatives. To promote the accelerated development of promising 'leads', NADP has developed a financing instrument specifically for this purpose: the NADP Vouchers.

These vouchers can be used in various phases of drug development to gain advice and intensive supervision of research projects from independent consultants or CROs that have specific knowledge and expertise pertinent to the pharmaceutical development process and clinical applications.

Latest News

AMR platform WAH! Accelerator launched 7 and 8 December

India and the Netherlands are joining forces in the new joint accelation WAH! Accelerator. Several AMR-global partners are involved. On behalf of the NADP, Cornelis Boersma and Simon van der Pol will travel to India.


WHO publishes fungal priority pathogens list

The WHO has released a report on fungal pathogens. It is the first global effort to systematically prioritize fungal pathogens, taking into account their unmet research and development needs, and perceived public health importance.


AMR Multi-stakeholder Partnership Platform will be launched soon

This 18 November, Antimicrobioal Resistance Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Platform will be launched. The Platform aims to create a global movement for change on AMR, raise awareness of the role everyone should play in tackling AMR, and highlight the importance of a collaborative One Health approach in addressing AMR issues.


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