NADP Vouchers financing instrument


An important objective of the NADP is to increase the productivity of research and development for new antibiotics and alternatives. In order to promote the accelerated development of promising 'leads', NADP has developed a financing instrument specifically for this purpose: the NADP Vouchers.

These Vouchers can be used in various phases of the drug development process to gain advice and intensive supervision of research projects from independent consultants or contract research organisations that have specific knowledge and expertise pertinent to the pharmaceutical development process and clinical applications. The options vary from lead identification and optimisation, patent applications, and market analysis to pre-clinical drug development.

From 2017-2020 a total budget of €556.600,- was available for the various vouchers. With 15 out of 23 applications granted, NADP spent more than €410.000,- so far. The NADP Executive Board has received signals that there is still a great deal of latent demand for vouchers not only within research institutions, but also among small and medium enterprises. There is also additional demand for support during the R&D process after an early phase with regard to further clinical research, as well as valorisation of research results and implementation of product development with suitable, often alternative, revenue models. Details on the NADP voucher instrument can be found on the NADP website.

For 2021, NADP has still funding for a few Lead Development Vouchers available. The deadline for applications is 15 April 2021.

NADP Vouchers

The NADP Voucher financing instrument includes:

Lead Development Vouchers
For an independent advice, guidance, and execution of a project for the identification, selection and/or validation of a lead compound. Vouchers can be used for lead formulation, selection and optimisation, ADME / DMPK, and toxicology studies.The compensation for the advice and assistance project can be maximally 50,000 euro, corresponding up to 75% of the total project costs.

For whom are the Vouchers intended?

Dutch knowledge institutions and small- or medium-sized enterprises that have a lead for the development of a new antibiotic or alternative therapeutic can submit an application.

What are the conditions?

The Vouchers may only be used for advice and/or supervision and execution of projects pertaining to leads for the development of new antibiotics and alternative therapeutics that comply with the NADP Research and Development Agenda.

For an overview of the guidelines and conditions for applications as well as key requirements and entry tresholds for leads to enter this NADP financing instrument, please check the links below:

Application dates

Deadline for application is 15 April 2021.

Application forms

NADP voucher application forms can be downloaded via the links below:

Awarded Vouchers

Go to Awarded Vouchers for an overview.

More information

For technical and practical questions regarding the NADP Voucher financing instrument, please contact NADP via


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