Boosting Drugs against Bad Bugs

"AGILeBiotics is a small pharmaceutical company developing novel antibiotics for the treatment of hospitalized patients infected by multidrug-resistant bacteria. Thanks to AGILeBiotics’ proprietary technology, we have identified novel antibiotic candidates with broad-spectrum activity against all pathogens belonging to the by the WHO as ‘CRITICAL’ and ‘HIGH PRIORITY’ categorized bacteria.

Supported by the NADP Intellectual Property Voucher, a patent strategy has been defined and the promising antibiotic candidates have been successfully protected by a European patent application. Reaching this milestone has brought AGILeBiotics closer to the long-term goal, i.e. out-licensing a novel antibiotic candidate to a large pharmaceutical company.

Supported by the NADP Lead Development Voucher, we have selected our pre-clinical candidate named TOFRAMICIN for toxicity and safety studies. TOFRAMICIN tackles bacterial resistance, shows superior potency in animal models, has lower propensity for resistance development and an improved safety profile. With nominating the preclinical candidate, AGILeBiotics has achieved an important milestone bringing a novel therapy option for hospitalized patients closer to the market."

Dr. Andreas Bastian - AGILeBiotics