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Company in the spotlight: Avivia B.V.

19 April 2018

NADP supports R&D collaborations. To give further insights in companies active in this area, we have initiated the column “Company in the spotlight” issue. In our second edition, we speak with Dr. Hans Platteeuw, founder and CEO of Avivia B.V., a Nijmegen based company that supports pharmaceutical development for new and existing drugs including drug repurposing and reformulation.

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Dutch researchers report on novel antimicrobial peptide to combat drug-resistant bacteria and biofilms

24 January 2018

Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Academic Medical Center (AMC) and the Association of Dutch Burn Centers have published on the use of antimicrobial peptide SAAP-148 to combat drug-resistant bacteria and biofilms in the latest edition of the scientific journal Science Translational Medicine.

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