Company in the spotlight: Avivia B.V.

19 April 2018

NADP supports R&D collaborations. To give further insights in companies active in this area, we have initiated the column “Company in the spotlight” issue. In our second edition, we speak with Dr. Hans Platteeuw, founder and CEO of Avivia B.V., a Nijmegen based company that supports pharmaceutical development for new and existing drugs including drug repurposing and reformulation.

Can you tell us how this company was started?

Avivia was founded 3 years ago by an experienced group of analytical and pharmaceutical product developers that has been working together for many years on a diverse range of pharmaceutical development projects from oral tablets and nasal sprays up to modified-release implants and anything in between. Our focus lies on the R&D part and to put this in practice we run a fully equipped analytical and pharmaceutical lab at the NovioTech Campus in Nijmegen.

How can Avivia support developers of new antimicrobials and alternatives?

To enable proper administration to a patient, every new or existing active molecule has to be formulated into a pharmaceutical product which has the required shelf life and delivers the molecule to the target tissue(s). At Avivia we have the equipment available to prepare many different dosage forms at lab scale as well as the analytical equipment and stability chambers to test the resulting finished dosage forms. We can support projects with small molecules and peptides.

What is generally a good moment for you to step in such a drug development process?

As soon as the lead compound has been identified and one wants to move forward and turn the lead into a development candidate. At this stage Avivia can check if the lead molecule has the required drug like properties and if needed improve them by applying various pharmaceutical technologies. The target product profile is leading this development from day 1.
In preclinical drug development you can´t do everything on your own. Which expertises do you have in house and for which expertises do you work with partners?

At Avivia we focus on the early research steps for the Chemistry Manufacturing & Control (CMC) development part for novel pharmaceutical products. We have also developed a large network of preferred partners in other fields such as pre-clinical development, GMP manufacturing and regulatory affairs. If relevant, we can always make use of their expertise and capacity to further optimize and accelerate customer projects.

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