NWO has open calls for feasibility studies

NWO has open calls for feasibility studies that are comparable to the NADP vouchers.


NADP support office has moved to the Institute of Biology at Leiden University

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After three years being hosted by University Medical Center Utrecht the NADP support office has now moved to the Institute of Biology, Leiden University.


NADP Executive Board member Cornelis Boersma appointed professor of “Sustainable Care and Innovation”

Cornelis Boersma, member of the NADP Executive Board, has been appointed professor of “Sustainable Care and Innovation” at the Open University in the Netherlands. The chair at the Nijmegen School of Management was established by VEROZ, the knowledge center for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare.


2021 Benchmark framework to track pharma’s progress against superbugs

The rise of treatment-resistant bacterial and fungal diseases poses a direct threat both to modern medicine and our way of living. The Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark provides the only independent measure of how pharmaceutical companies are responding. The methodology for 2021 prioritises the tracking of progress and a deeper exploration of the headwinds faced by biotechs driving novel R&D.


Record number of countries contribute data revealing disturbing rates of antimicrobial resistance

A record number of countries are now monitoring and reporting on antibiotic resistance – marking a major step forward in the global fight against drug resistance. But the data they provide reveals that a worrying number of bacterial infections are increasingly resistant to the medicines at hand to treat them.


WHO 2020 preclinical antibacterial pipeline data call open

Companies, institutions and individuals are invited to submit data on their products that are in the preclinical pipeline that fulfil the below inclusion criteria. Data submitted should be non-confidential and will be made available publicly on the WHO Global Health R&D Observatory.