What should NADP do for you? Feedback from NADP launch event 18 April 2017

10 July 2017

We have identified five key messages among the 70 responses we received during the launch session and the matchmaking session. For each key message, we exemplify what NADP plans to do.


1. NADP should facilitate and support the matchmaking and collaboration between academic and business partners (One Health approach) – 24 reactions

Alliance manager Schelto Korf already supports in new collaborations by introducing new science and business partners to one another. For example, he has already introduced new partners have been introduced to multiple consortia that wanted to apply for the NACTAR call. In the future, NADP will organize networking events to support further matchmaking. More updates on these activities will follow in the upcoming NADP newsletters. You can subscribe by sending an email to info@nadp.nl.

2. NADP should also facilitate and support funding for R&D of alternatives to antibiotics – 17 reactions
NADP will not provide funding itself, but NADP will identify and communicate relevant national and international funding opportunities for the development of new antibiotics and alternative therapies. The current NWO TTW Call NACTAR is one example of a call focusing on development of new antibiotics. The NADP website will provide an up-to-date overview of other available funding opportunities that might be applicable for other R&D projects. Please contact Alliance manager Schelto Korf to discuss your interests; the NADP team is ready to support you.

 3. NADP should provide and find support and funding for SME’s and start-up companies (spin-off university), particularly focusing on the (pre-)clinical trial phase – 11 reactions
An important role of NADP is to support projects on development of new antibiotics in their pre-clinical phase. The NADP team is working out the details for its Drug Discovery Vouchers programme. More information on how to apply for a Voucher will follow through the upcoming NADP newsletters and will be posted on the website.

4. NADP should profile itself and connect to other initiatives in the field, specifically at the international level  – 6 reactions

The NADP team and NADP chair, Kees de Joncheere, are actively connecting with other networks industry and academics. The focus is on building new partnerships to enhance the development of new antibiotics and alternative therapies for infectious diseases in humans and animals. Collaborations with network organizations, for example the BEAM Alliance, FlandersBio and FlandersVaccine but also with the WHO and the EU, are being established. The NADP team will communicate about international funding and project opportunities via the NADP website and upcoming newsletters.

5. NADP should arrange more accessibility to funding opportunities – 6 reactions
NADP facilitates public-private collaborations and provides a platform in which academic and industrial partners can meet. The NADP Commissioners Board is made up of representatives from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Dutch Topsectors Life Sciences & Health, Agri & Food, and Chemistry who will advise NADP and keep the focus of the Dutch funding organizations focused on translational research and public-private collaborations. Kees de Joncheere, Chair of the NADP Board (formerly WHO) has an extensive network in the EU and beyond. Their role is to build connections on the EU level to provide more opportunities for research funding for new antibiotics and alternative therapies. The NADP team aims to match you to the existing funding schemes and provide input for future funding schemes.